This page is our personal family website owned and operated by me for my family, the Stage’s. My wife Melissa and I as well as some of our extended family here and there. My name is David. (I’m the geekier one…) Our three “children” are Tosha, an old Ol’ English Bulldoggie, Luna a young and spunky lab mix and Norton a medium hair grey tabby cat.   My family and I live in the lovely panhandle of North Idaho next to the famous Lake Pend Oreille. We moved up from the Portland, Oregon metro area after my retirement from IT work due to a disability. Idaho is very beautiful, with nature and clean air, and we both feel very blessed to live here. I was born surrounded by nature here in the Northwest and have always had an affinity for quiet places. Melissa was born on the coast and was also used to nature and clean air in plentiful supply.   In our immediate extended family is my mother Dawn and father Lennis, and my two younger brothers Jeremy and Joshua with his wife Nikki. On Melissa’s side we have her mother Renee and her younger sister Amanda. Of course, there is also a plethora of other brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents as well. Both of my brothers now have children. Jeremy has two strapping boys and Joshua has a daughter named Arial.   My wife and I, along with our immediate, and much of our extended family, are Historic (or Remnant) Adventists. Essentially we are a traditional group of Saturday worshiping Protestant Christians. Contrary to common belief, Adventists do not believe that deeds will get them into Heaven. Nor are we likely to come a knockin’ on your door. We do, however, love the opportunity to openly discuss anything one might wish to converse about regarding our Lord and the KJV Bible as long as there is no threat of being burned at the stake or something of that gruesome nature. Our most popular controversial topics are the state of the dead (as in sleeping in wait, not in Heaven), and obviously Saturday being the Sabbath not Sunday. But we do have many more at unbeatable prices!   You can reach us anytime by writing snail to our secure post office box found on the About Us page. Also, for convenience and to protect our email addresses, please feel free to use the provided form there to email us anytime as well. If appropriate we will gladly write you back and/or provide you with more contact information as we find the time.   So thanks for dropping by and have a lovely blessed day!

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